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Common Sense Design

Common sense best defines the Innovative Magnetics approach to magnetic separation.  Other magnet companies simply add Rare Earth magnet materials to their already outdated product lines.  Innovative offers patented and proprietary designs based on customer input and state of the art technology.  Our separators maximize the unique and distinctive magnetic qualities of Rare Earth.  We use Nova 100% Rare Earth as our primary magnet material but can offer magnets with less strength when applicable.  We service food, chemical, mining, recycling and all processed product industries.

Rare Earth Magnets are made up of Neodymium (Nd) and Samarium Cobalt (Sm). These raw magnetic materials test up to 25 times stronger than ceramic magnet materials. Innovative’s 100% Rare Earth magnetic circuits and shapes provide superior magnetic separation performance removing the smallest ferrous and paramagnetic materials (typically abraded stainless steel contamination.) The strongest known permanent magnet is an Innovative Magnetics magnet design.

 Innovative Proprietary or Patented Designs

Innovative creates designs to work with dry or liquid products, to function under various pressures, to be easy to clean, and to maximize the opportunity to capture ferrous contaminants.  Our separators reflect the need to maximize the magnet’s surface area for greatest capture, to focus magnetic fields most effectively, to use designs that won’t clog the flow of materials, and are quick and easy to clean.

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