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Product can not miss magnets.  Separator shown in easy, self cleaning position.

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100% Rare Earth Hourglass Magnets

Nova 100% Rare Earth Direct Contact Magnet

Direct Magnet/Product Contact

Spiral, Helical Polarity Magnets

A breakthrough, self-cleaning device that changes what you think magnets can do.

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Round Housings

Combining craftsmanship, elegant design, and durable materials, Innovative Magnetics creates products made to work and made to last.

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Dual Row Grates

A simple concept, improved.

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Relentlessly innovative. Incessantly curious. Boldly creative.

Innovative Magnetics understands that your problems are unique, and the solutions to them should be as well.

As your production methods become more innovative, so must your materials handling systems. We are constantly perfecting designs for removing ferrous contaminants from your production cycle because we understand that your reputation rests on how well our devices work

We use a 3-step common sense approach to designing our systems:

1. Magnet strength.  Is the magnet strong enough to capture and hold the contamination ?

Nova 100% Rare Earth magnets incorporate the strongest known magnet material. Typically rare earth magnet material is specified for most applications. If rare earth magnet material is not specified for your material handling system,  contact Innovative for assistance.

2. Retention time. The time that the product with contamination is in the magnet zone. Competent magnetic separator design is required to isolate contaminants from the product stream.

3. Product control during magnetic separation. The product must be presented to the magnet  in a manner that allows contamination to be efficiently removed. Direct magnet/product contact is most efficient.

Innovative Magnetics strives to incorporate these common sense design criteria into our separators.

At Innovative Magnetics, we never stop improving.

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