About Us

Thirty-five years ago Bob Wysol, company founder, saw a problem with magnetic separation.  Designs had not changed in almost 100 years. Permanent magnetic separator establishments of the time were using alnico and ceramic magnets, while attempting to incorporate Rare Earth magnets with no consideration for how best to use this powerful new resource.  No one was creating separators that could take advantage of the concentrated magnetic field available in Rare Earth magnetic materials.  Innovative Magnetics was established to solve that problem.

Older magnet material did not concentrate magnetism, creating an issue with direct contact and compact design.  As a result, separators using alnico and ceramic magnets were heavy, awkward, and often impractical. Innovative Magnetics created bold, original designs that incorporate new magnetic shapes (quad, tri and spiral magnets) and circuitry to take advantage of surface strengths that are up to 50 times greater than the older magnet material. Our magnets also come with quick clean and self cleaning options to maximize efficiency.

Extensive research and development has enabled Innovative Magnetics to discover and patent direct contact designs, including the helical polarity found in the Spiral Magnet.  We value the opinion of our customers and work hard to meet specific needs when necessary. Some of our best designs have come from customer requests.

Our patented technology not only offers nonstop product contact with the magnet, it also ensures each and every particle comes in contact with the strongest area in a magnetic circuit (the pole).  Another advantage of our designs is the ability of the magnet to continuously self-clean while in operation. The Innovative Magnetic separators showcased on this site maximize magnetic force fields (MMFF) and are incredibly efficient and easy to use.

Common sense, simplified, innovative designs are what sets Innovative Magnetics apart.  We look forward to hearing from you.